Elbowlift® Suspension Pad

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Elbowlift Suspension Pad is built to protect the sensitive skin from friction burns and pressure ulcers by cushioning the elbow in smooth foam. Elbowlift benefits patients who are bedridden or who spend time in a wheelchair. The bony prominence at the elbow can make this area susceptible to pressure sores, contusions, and friction burns.

Features and Indications

• One size fits all
• Machine washable and dryable
• Adjustable hook-and-loop strap wraps around the outside to keep the pad in place
• Smooth, low-friction backing improves patient movement
• Center hole allows for patient comfort and acts as a guide for elbow placement

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Elbowlift Suspension Pad protects the sensitive olecranon and olecranon bursa from friction burns and contusions by elevating and cushioning the elbow in smooth foam. Elbowlift helps prevent pressure ulcers, pressure sores, olecranon bursitis, ulnar neuritis, and other skin injuries. Elbowlift Suspension Pad benefits patients who are bedridden or who spend time in a wheelchair. The bony prominence at the elbow can make this area susceptible to pressure sores, contusions, and friction burns.

In addition to using Elbowlift, the following action items can help protect the olecranon and the olecranon bursa:

• Use a lift sheet, transfer board, or a lifting device when moving patients across any surface
• Remove elbow and heel protectors every eight hours to inspect the skin
• Use transparent adhesive dressings or sprays to provide a protective “second skin”
• Keep bed linens smooth and wrinkle-free and remove foreign objects from the bed (ex. crumbs)

Instructions For Use

Application Guide




Features and Indications

• One size fits all


Use of Elbowlift can reduce risk for some of the most common causes of olecranon bursitis, including:
• Trauma: Falling on the elbow can cause the bursa to swell.
• Prolonged pressure: Swelling of the bursa can occur if the elbow leans or rests on a hard surface over a several month period.
Use of Elbowlift helps eliminate this kind of pressure.
• Infection: In addition to padding the bursa, Elbowlift, together with skin treatment, can prevent bursa infection caused by cuts or insect bites.
• Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and gout: Patients with these medical conditions are particularly prone to olecranon bursitis.

Elbowlift can also serve patients suffering from ulnar neuritis (cubital tunnel syndrome). Padding the ulnar nerve can provide relief from the aching and tingling associated with this condition.

Elbowlift® Suspension Pad FAQs

1) What are the indications for using the Elbowlift® Suspension Pad?

The latex free Elbowlift® is indicated for all elbow skin injuries but particularly to relieve pressure injury. It is indicated for olecranon bursitis and to protect the ulnar nerve.

2) How does the Elbowlift protect the elbow?

The two columnar pads elevate the arm and forearm thus suspending the skin over the olecranonolecranon bursa, and the ulnar nerve in the cubital notch.

3) Does the Elbowlift stay in place?

Yes! The foam-skin friction is much greater than the tricot (nylon) backing on the Elbowlift allowing it to glide over bedsheets without displacing the Elbowlift. The thick foam covered strap can be customized to provide a perfect fit.

4) Does the latex free Elbowlift disrupt intravenous placement?

NO! The strap design allows intravenous placement throughout the entire forearm. If IV placement in the anticubitalfossa is necessary, a segment of the thick foam pad can be removed, and the remaining segments placed on the Velcro® strap.

5) How can I wash/clean the Elbowlift®?

The Elbowlift can be hand, or machine washed/dried. For machine washing and drying it is best if placed in a net laundry bag or pillow case with the strap firmly closed. It can also be autoclaved for sterilization.

6) Is the Elbowlift cost covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

Yes, under code EO191. However, in our experience, the regional Medicare and Medicaid carriers rarely actually pay for it.

7) How long will the Elbowlift last?

The Elbowlift is warranted to last for three months use on a single patient. Replacement within three months is free upon return of the damaged used Elbowlift to us.

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