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Walgreen Health Solutions is committed to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.

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Our story since 1979

About Our Company

As a Veteran-Owned business, we know the value of service. As a company staffed with clinicians, we know how critical efficacy is. Walgreen Health Solutions is dedicated to cutting edge, innovative, easy-to-use-cost-effective solutions for a multitude of health conditions.

From high-quality heel offloading boots to digital pressure monitoring, Walgreen Health Solutions has solutions for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. We know our products inside out; we also know our customers and their needs. 

Since 1979, Walgreen Health Solutions takes ownership and pride in what our products can do for you.


Our Quality Policy

Walgreen Health Solutions will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers and applicable regulatory authorities.

Our Mission & Values

To produce cost-effective and innovative solutions for the prevention of pressure injuries. Walgreen Health Solutions flagship products, the HEELIFT® family of Suspension boots, have become synonymous with high-quality off-loading boots in the wound care industry. Since the introduction of the patented HEELIFT® Classic in 1979, Walgreen Health Solutions has continually expanded the HEELIFT® product line to meet a variety of patient needs. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.

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Medical Professionals

Walgreen Health Solutions Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sakeena Haq, DPM, M.Ed.


Passionate Members

Fostering excellence through partnership and awareness. ​

Managing Partners

Innovative Educators

On a global platform, our team takes the time to listen and engage.​

Simple. Proven. Quality. Solutions.


Offloading and Woundcare solutions that you can understand and trust.


Striving for excellence in product quality, focus and delivery.


Clinically Supported. Clinicians Tested.


Patient care soltutions with a positive patient outcome.

We are here For You

Contact us today to learn how how our innovative solutions and quality products can help you.  

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