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Patients, Caregivers, Healthcare Professionals and Medical Professionals

Taking the time to understand your needs.

From large medical facilities to home health patients, our clinical experts are ready to serve you with cost-effective, high-quality and innovative solutions. Whatever your goals or challenges, our experts will work with you to understand your needs first hand.

We will work with you every step of the way to gain a fundamental understanding so we can ensure you receive and understand how our quality products and clinical research is instrumental in effective patient care at a reduced cost.

Our products are sold in dozens of countries worldwide, and across the continuum of care.

You can also find and shop some of our great products at our online store. We are happy to answer any questions.

Solutions That Matter

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Home Healthcare

Our team can work with you and your patients to elevate patient care while helping to control costs.

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Medical Facilities

As the demand for better outcomes and more cost-effective treatment grows, we’re developing solutions that can provide both.

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Safe, comfortable treatment that can be customized to meet a variety of needs. We take action and develop solutions that help keep your practice in top form.

Clinical Experts At Your Service

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Woundcare Management

We have the educational resources, tools, and experience to help drive better outcomes for your wound care program.


Compression Therapy

Let our clinical experts show you how our innovative products provide a more comfortable solution for patients.


Offloading & Walking Boots

We have solutions for a wide variety of conditions, along with the know-how to train your staff to implement successful strategies to combat pressure injuries.

Featured Product Categories

Offloading HEELIFT®

Effective offloading for the care of bony prominences such as heels and elbows. The original heel offloading HEELIFT® boots, now with five models to prevent and treat heel pressure injuries in any patient.


TurnAssist® Premium Patient Repositioning System is an innovative repositioning system created to be stronger and more durable with a better microclimate at a lower price than the leading system.


EdemaWear® Stockinette is a soft, safe and effective treatment for edema of all types that uses an innovative compression system to reduce swelling.

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