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Our legendary HEELIFT® offloading boots include the HEELIFT® Classic, Glide, Glide Ultra, AFO and AFOUltra Boots which provide all healthcare facilities with options that will meet both their patient’s needs and the facility’s budgetary needs. The HEELIFT® line of heel offloading boots is top of the line and is the first in its category. They are the coolest and lightest boots on the market as proven by microclimate studies performed at two different US universities. They are the only customizable boot on the market which allow you to offload additional at-risk areas in addition to the heel.

The TurnAssist® repositioning system allows for quick, safe, and easy repositioning of patients. The durable glide sheet is made with advanced materials that allow breathability. The ergonomically designed wedges have sturdy handles and a removable cover. The larger upper torso wedge and a smaller lower torso wedge keep the patient properly positioned with the sacrum offloaded.


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