TurnAssist® Premium Patient Repositioning System

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The TurnAssist® repositioning system allows for quick, safe and easy repositioning of patients. The durable glide sheet is designed with advanced materials to facilitate smooth patient repositioning. The ergonomically designed wedges have sturdy handles and a removable cover. The larger upper torso wedge and a smaller lower torso wedge keep the patient properly positioned with the sacrum offloaded.

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The TurnAssist® has a triple-layer glide sheet. The top layer features a durable, fluid proof and antimicrobial material that provides flexibility and reduces shear. The middle layer keeps air moving while cushioning the body and redistributing more pressure. The bottom layer is manufactured with micro-holes that allow for greater ventilation.

  • All TurnAssist® glide sheets come with sturdy double-stitched handles that allow for easy four-way repositioning.
  • Able to use with incontinence pads for incontinent patients. Incontinence pads not included with TurnAssist®.
  • The TurnAssist® is durable, washable, and sanitizable.


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Patient support wedges are angled at 30°, and are different lengths, with a longer wedge supporting the torso and a smaller one supporting the lower back. This allows for better offloading of the sacrum.

The wedges are made of a denser foam than most traditional positioning wedges and have a washable cover with tough sewn-in handles. The bottom of each wedge stays in place on the bed.


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