Bed Rail Protector with Nylon Cover


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Our padded bed rail protectors are specifically designed to eliminate bed entrapment and injury for every patient.

  • Padded cushion wraps over the top of the side rails of hospital beds
  • Hook and loop straps fasten around bed rail for a secure fit
  • Nylon, latex-free cover
  • Wipes clean easily
  • Available in two lengths
    30″ x 18″ & 60″ x 18″ (sold in pairs)

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Bed entrapment is a serious issue and has been known to cause countless injuries every year. The purpose of using padded bed rail protectors is to help reduce the risk of patients becoming entrapped in the tight spaces around a typical bed rail. Patients can get caught by the neck, head, and/or even the chest when trying to move or get out of a hospital bed without assistance.





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