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The Castwedge® allows the user to increase the size of the cast temporarily for bivalving or univalving purposes. The Castwedge® comes in five sizes that can also be used when the region under the cast is swelling or experiencing discomfort. The cast separators allow for casting adjustments without the expensive costs of replacing the cast. Starter sets of 100 are available. Designed for use with plaster or fiberglass casts.

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  • The Castwedge® set comes with 100 wedges (20 of each size)
  • Wedges come in 5 sizes: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm
  • Can be used for bivalving or univalving of casts
  • Wedges are made from radiolucent, non-porous, high-impact, latex free material
  • Designed for use with plaster or fiberglass casts

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