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Our Innovative Approach To Fight Pressure Injuries
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For Healthcare Providers and Patients

PressureAlert® is a three-component pressure monitoring system that enables health care providers and patients to prevent and manage wounds. Technology includes sensor-containing dressings, tablet with monitoring/alert system software, and cloud-based platform for remote monitoring and storage of clinical history.

The PressureAlert® System prevents and heals wounds by alerting patients and caregivers when the patient has applied too much pressure for too long to a high risk area of the body.  


At Walgreen Health Solutions, we are passionate about providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.

Our Clinicians are ready to provide the support, education and tools you need to lower pressure injury prevalence in your facility. By focusing on outcomes, we deliver patient-centered solutions.

Fight Pressure Injuries with Walgreen Health Solutions

Innovative Professionals

The next generation of pressure ulcer prevention is here. And no matter what clinical setting you’re in, Walgreen Health Solutions has the tools and the expertise to deliver it to patients and caregivers.

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Pressure Ulcers, Injuries & Bedsores

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A pressure ulcer is an injury to the skin as a result of sustained pressure applied to the skin over time (friction and shear play a role as well). The pressure results in reduced blood flow and eventually causes skin breakdown and the development of an open wound.

Our Innovative Smart Monitoring Technology for Pressure Ulcers


We have taken a global approach in educating and providing an innovative proven solution for woundcare.

What's the difference between a pressure injury, a pressure ulcer, and a bedsore?

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel recently suggested that the term “Pressure Ulcer” be replaced with the term “Pressure Injury.” A Pressure Injury is defined as “localized damage to the skin and underlying soft tissue, usually over a bony prominence, or related to a medial or other device. The Injury can present as intact skin or as an open ulcer.” The term “bedsore” was a previous iteration of the term and can be used interchangeably with pressure injury or pressure ulcer.

Why is Prevention Important?

Prevention of pressure ulcers is key because treatment can be difficult. Prevention plans require the skin to be kept clean and moisturized, frequent careful changing of body position (with proper lifting, not rubbing across surfaces), use of special mattresses or supports, management of other contributing illnesses, and implementation of a healthy diet. Relieving or reducing the pressure on the area is essential.

How To Treat Heel Pressure Ulcers

Overall, the most effective strategy to prevent and treat heel pressure ulcers is pressure redistribution. A professional heel-offloading device that floats the heel is usually recommended for successful pressure redistribution. The device needs to provide patient comfort and ease of use as it floats the heel. Appropriate offloading, adequate ventilation and friction-free materials are all important features for any product that will be used to prevent or treat heel pressure sores.

Our Mission to Healthcare Innovations

As a veteran owned business, we pride ourselves in bringing you solutions based on real data and real outcomes.

Providing solutions from large medical facilities
to home health patients

We’re happy to answer your questions and partner with you to develop individualized solutions. Learn more about our products, request a demonstration from one of our professionals, or shop our online store.



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